Urdu in Pakistan

Visiting a Home

People drop by households just to visit and do not necessarily call ahead. One should not go at mealtimes unless invited and should excuse oneself before the next mealtime comes around. People tend to eat a light breakfast early in the morning; have lunch around 1-3 in the afternoon; and eat a late dinner between 8-10 in the evening. Both lunch and dinner are substantial meals usually consisting of rice, bread, and at least one meat dish. Serving a meat dish is considered an essential part of being a good host; an all vegetarian meal would be considered a bit stingy.
It is considered polite to always offer a guest a cup of tea. Hosts may simply bring the tea without asking. It is also polite for the guest to ask for a glass of water even if one has not been offered. Politeness requires that the host offers food to the guest at least three times. The guest should always refuse the first time, but may accept on the second or third try. If the guest says no after the third time, the offer may not be repeated. Among close family and friends people will simply say yes or no on the first offer.


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  • "The food was very good"

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  • "I think I should leave"

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