Twi in Ghana

Local Transportation

People getting on a tro-tro

Taxis tend to be safe, dependable, easy to find and inexpensive. They are safe for a woman to use during the day and generally safe for groups of women traveling at night. They can be hired to travel outside of the city limits; one can even hire a taxi to go to another city; however, one should negotiate the price first. Taxis run all night and appear with great frequency late at night when clubs get out. Tro-tros are vans that carry ten to twelve passengers and that have their own routes and stations. Tro-tros are the cheapest form of public transportation and, like the buses, have their own particular and complicated routes. One should always be prepared to wait for one to appear. Tro-tros can also be taken from the city into outlying towns; many vendors or people traveling to market use tro-tros . Again, one would need to get specific route information from local people who know the routes well.