Twi in Ghana

Banks and Money

A person at an ATM

It is relatively simple and safe to change money at either banks or exchange bureaus liberally spread throughout the cities. Rates are posted daily on the news and may be a small percentage better at the bank; however, it generally may be more convenient time-wise to change money at the bureaus. There is a much wider range of banks and bureaus in the city as opposed to the countryside, where there are only one or two national Ghanaian banks. One should always change money before going to the country. Banks are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. One must never change money on the street, particularly if someone suggests going to a car to do so. It is wise to change money at banks and bureaus in reputable, well-populated neighborhoods.

ATMs are conveniently placed throughout the cities. As ever, one must use common sense regarding time of day and amounts of withdrawal. A visitor can often change money in upper scale Ghanaian restaurants toward the end of the day when there is plenty of Ghanaian cash in the drawer. Restaurants will often change a variety of common foreign currency, including pounds, dollars and Euros.