Twi in Ghana


A visitor talks to a worker behind a hotel counter

Hotels in Ghana range from smaller ten to twenty room hotels to large, luxurious European chains. One can pay from as little as $20.00 to as much as $300.00 per night for a more luxurious room. Hotels tend to be located in the cities and usually have a restaurant and parking. When looking for lodging, it is wise to observe the atmosphere of the neighborhood before checking into the hotel.

When staying out in the country, one should look for the local inn. An inn is a small, inexpensive accommodation where a guest can expect to find a clean room, perhaps a shared bathroom, and food for sale. No reservations are necessary.

For the visitor who wishes to stay longer in Ghana, there are short term rentals. These are advertised in the local newspapers and can be rented often from a period of three months to as much as a year.