Twi in Ghana

Eating Out

A restaurant sign

When middle class Ghanaians eat out, it is usually to have something other than Ghanaian food, which is almost always what is served in the home. Most reputable restaurants in Ghana offer a selection of both Ghanaian and “continental” dishes. “Continental” is a term applied to food deriving from France, Spain, England and the United States. This category of food includes bacon, eggs (for breakfast), baked beans, pasta, and lamb dishes. One will also frequently find Lebanese wraps as well as pizzas. Chinese food, particularly fried rice, is also very popular.

Small, local Ghanaian restaurants are not recommended for tourists. Although Ghanaian immune systems have adapted to the food and water, travelers are not advised to frequent small neighborhood restaurants due to the threat of cholera and salmonella. When one is in a fancy restaurant, it is appropriate to tip approximately ten percent. In smaller restaurants, a tip is not expected, but certainly welcome. Some restaurants offer take out, although it may sometimes involve a bit of driving. For dessert, going out with family or friends for ice cream and frozen yogurt is highly popular.