Twi in Ghana


People at a beach

Night life is a big part of Ghanaian life and enjoyed by all ages. For those wanting something to do before the clubs open on the weekend, there are small salsa bars where one can hear Brazilian rhythms, drink, and dance. These clubs close somewhat early, usually by 11:30. There are also places called “spots.” A “spot” is somewhere to have a drink and play pool; there is not usually live music, and the menu is limited to kebabs or some other kind of roasted meat. These smaller gathering places seve as destinations where friends can meet before going to the actual club. Friends always meet someplace other than the club; the size of the clubs, and the volume of customers make it almost impossible to find friends once you have arrived.

There are different clubs in Ghana for those of different ages; however, it is not unusual for people of all ages to be at the same club. Many clubs have two different floors, one for dancing and a quieter floor where one can both dance and socialize. Music varies from African pop and dance music to European and American pop and hip hop.

Since clubs are only open on weekends, during the week young people meet at either pool halls to socialize and have a drink, or they go to the bowling alley. Although there are public cinemas, they are not entirely safe and not necessarily recommended for tourists. Video rental stores offer a selection of Nigerian, American, European and Kung Fu videos. Internet cafes vary in size and style; the larger ones sometimes offer a place for young people to gather and socialize, and often a video will be shown.

The most beloved Ghanaian sport is soccer, with boxing as the second choice. When there is a soccer tournament, it is not unusual for workers to either take a half-day from work, or have work shut down altogether so that everyone can watch the tournament on TV. Ghana competes both nationally and internationally. Another popular sport among young people is basketball with its links to the west and to hiphop culture. This sport is not nationally supported, but more adopted by young people interested in American culture. Tennis and swimming are also popular.