Twi in Ghana

Hair Salon

The back of a person's head, showing their braids

Women go to the beauty salons to have their hair washed, cut, braided, and, especially, permed. Permanents are the mainstay of the salons. Manicures and pedicures are often available as well. Prices are relatively inexpensive; however, certain time consuming services such as perms and braids are more expensive.

A young girl’s hair is done at home either by her mother or sisters until she is around high school age. At that point, young women usually choose to have their hair done at the salons.

Men have their hair cut relatively inexpensively at barbershops. Often, their hair will be cut for free by wives, family members or friends. It is rare for a grown man in Ghana to braid his hair or use any chemical additives. However, styles are changing among younger, more westernized men. Boys have their hair cut at home until around middle school age, when they begin going to barbers.

Both barbers and hair braiders may hawk their trades in the style of street vendors, carrying boards as advertisement of the various styles.