Twi in Ghana

Asking for Directions

A person receiving directions

There is not a highly developed infrastructure for tourism in Ghana. Occasionally tourist information centers will be found in cities or near the most popular tourist attractions such as the slave forts. Otherwise, for large trips, it is recommended that one travel with a tour group, family or friends.

In the course of getting from one local destination to another, it is both safe and acceptable to ask a stranger for directions in Ghana. In general, people are helpful and sometimes even offer to take the traveler to the desired destination.
The consistency of street markings and signs varies throughout the country and from city to city. Often, cities that were once well planned can be transformed by migrations from the countryside. It is sometimes the case that one section of a city is easily navigable, while a shantytown attached to it has evolved with no clear street markings. Sometimes, ‘streets’ are nothing more than paths around obstacles and may not even be accessible by car. When one is lost, one can always ask any of the many taxi drivers who seem to be the most familiar with the cities. Shopkeepers can also be helpful. Police officers are friendly but are usually only visible in the more organized parts of the city.

When one needs a restroom, one should simply go to a hotel, fast food or regular restaurant and ask to use the facilities. One does not need to be a customer. Other public restrooms are not recommended due to problems with cleanliness and safety.