Twi in Ghana

English in Ghana

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English is the official language of Ghana. It is used in education, government, commerce and civic life. In addition, there are many local or regional languages commonly used in everyday life especially in informal and family-oriented settings. These languages include three different dialects of Akan/Twi (Asante Twi, Akuapim Twi, and Fante). Other commonly spoken languages are Ewe, Ga, and Dagomba, among many others. This website features primarily Asante Twi, although there are some places where speakers use Akuapim Twi, Fante, and also occasional words or phrases from Ga.

Visitors to urban areas of Ghana will find English used almost exclusively, especially among the younger generation. Even young adults, however, will often use phrases and culture references in Twi or other local languages, even if they speak English most of the time. Students also study a local language as one of their school subjects. They either study a local language they grew up speaking or learn a new language. Travelers in rural areas of Ghana will find more people who rely on local languages for much of their communication.