Thai in Thailand

At the Airport

An airport

Arriving international passengers should follow the signs first to passport control, then to baggage claim, and finally to the customs inspection. The main terminal area of the airport offers many services including hotel reservation counters, money exchanges, food stands, souvenir shops, and restrooms. Domestic flights depart from a separate terminal which can be reached by walking through a long passageway. Departing passengers will find that only ticketed passengers may enter the final passenger boarding area, which has its own food sellers, restrooms, and duty-free shops.

Taxis, buses, and trains provide transportation to and from the airport. Taxis will be waiting outside for new passengers. Drivers are required to use meters, and thus the final price will be based on the length of the ride. Airport buses run between the airport and the main downtown area of Bangkok. Buses provide convenient and reliable transportation at a reasonable price. Trains also run between the airport and downtown, but passengers have to cross a main downtown street to get from the airport to the train station, making this form of transportation much less convenient. People unfamiliar with the location of the train station might find bus or taxi a better way to go.