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A fountain in front of a train station

The Bangkok train station is the biggest and oldest in Thailand. Trains go most places in the country and tend to be cheaper than the bus. There are three classes of service. Third class has no air-conditioning, wooden seats, and no availiable food or drink. Second class is air-conditioned with padded seats but still usually does not offer food. First class offers air-conditioning, food and drinks, and padded seats that may even turn or swivel. The seats can also be made into beds at night. A "sprinter" train is a special first class train that runs very fast, carries few passengers, and offers many comfortable amenties. Some trains stop at every location along the route; other more expensive trains offer express service between larger destinations.

Tickets may only be purchased at the station. However, when planning vacation or holiday travel, people will go to the station days ahead of time to buy a ticket. For everyday travel, purchasing the day of departure usually suffices. Ticket reservations or purchases cannot be made over the phone. All purchases require cash.

Trains tend to leave on time, so get to the station in plenty of time. Passengers need to pay a one baht platform fee when entering the platform area of the station. Those seeing a passenger off do not have to pay the fee. Take luggage on the train, and stow it underneath the seat.


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