Thai in Thailand


Shelves with DVDs on display inside a movie store

Movies and shopping malls are popular activities for young people. Movie tickets can be purchased right at the door, and dress is casual. Night clubs are open to people over eighteen years of age. Clubs offer food, drinks, and dancing. They tend to be open until around 2:00 a.m.. Club food can be expensive. Amusement parks are also popular. Parks usually charge an entrance fee, plus a fee for each game or ride. It is often possible to buy a set of 10 tickets to be used on the various games and rides. The "Buying Tickets" video shows a family buying tickets to take a ride around a park honoring a dam built by the King of Thailand.

For more formal theater performances or concerts, make reservations in advance. Radio, television, and newspapers provide dates, times, and ticket information. "Polite dress" is expected at more formal events. Women should have their shoulders covered and not wear short skirts or sandals. Men should where long pants, a shirt, and no sandals. Both women and men should take off hats or caps.