Swahili in Tanzania

At the Airport

A sign for Daressalaam International Airport showing the different terminals

When arriving in the country by air, one encounters both customs and health inspections. The inspectors will speak English. In addition to a passport and visa (if required), the inspectors may want to see an immunization certificate. Check for required immunizations before traveling.

The lounge area facilities in the airport are serviceable but not especially comfortable. Even at the airport, it is a good idea to carry toilet paper with you. It is possible to eat in a restaurant, purchase bottled water, and exchange money; most of these services, however, are outside of the lounge area.

Use hotel shuttles or taxis to get to and from the airport. Taxi drivers may charge a high price to customers who appear to be tourists and unfamiliar with the local rates, so be prepared to negotiate the price. International flights usually leave on time, but domestic flights tend to run late.