Swahili in Tanzania

Driving a Car

A person renting a car

Car rental places cater almost exclusively to visitors. There are lots of car rental places in Dar es Salaam but not outside the city. Many will take credit cards but always ask beforehand. In most cases, it is probably better to hire a car with a driver rather than to drive yourself. Driving poses numerous potential hazards for someone not familiar with the area: unmarked streets, difficult parking, frequent auto accidents, breakdowns, tire punctures, and getting stuck in the mud during the rainy season. An experienced local driver will be much better equipped to handle all these difficulties. Traffic police in the city will often make random stops. Always be polite. If you are driving yourself and a police officer takes your license, go with the officer directly to the station to retrieve it.

Vehicles drive on the left side of the road, and the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. Traffic signs are similar to those in the United States. Always be alert, and don't expect that other drivers will follow the rules.


  • "Renting a Car"
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