Swahili in Tanzania

Bus Travel

The front of a red bus with passengers waiting to board

Each town has a main bus station (Dar es Salaam has several) from which buses for several different bus lines arrive and depart. Different bus companies specialize in certain destinations. If possible, purchase the ticket in advance, thus increasing the chance of being assigned one of the first few seat numbers at the front of the bus; the back of the bus is often extremely crowded with passengers with standing-only tickets. It is also possible to buy a ticket from the bus conductor, but, unless you get there very early, you are likely to end up with a standing-only ticket. Travel lightly. Large luggage will have to be placed on top of the bus where it is difficult to monitor. Also, don't wear jewelry or carry valuables. Be prepared for breakdown delays and carry your own food, water, and toilet paper. Women traveling alone should stay close to the front of the bus near the driver and/or near other women. Buses often run behind schedule except for the first one in the morning.


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