Swahili in Tanzania

Household Goods

A person browsing through store shelves

Generally speaking, when you shop, you bargain. Prices depend somewhat on how much you are buying and what your relationship is with the clerk, but even when prices are marked, you should still try to bargain. The exceptions to this rule are restaurants and supermarkets. As soon as you start bargaining, it is understood that you will not be asking for a receipt.
Receipts are common at the gas station because many people use cars for business purposes, but elsewhere they are not usually given. If you ask for a receipt, the clerk will add a tax to your total, seemingly asking you to pay for the receipt. In reality it is the VAT (Value Added Tax) that is being added because if there is no receipt, then the establishment will simply not pay the VAT. Getting everyone to pay the VAT has become somewhat of a campaign recently because the VAT goes back into town improvements. You will automatically pay the VAT at hotels and in supermarkets where the tax has already been added in.


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