Swahili in Tanzania


The outside of a hotel, with lush green plant-life and mountains in the background

Most hotels appropriate for visitors are either medium-sized tourist hotels or large international hotel chains. These hotels are family- and visitor-friendly. There are also small local hotels, which cater to single male business travelers and are not considered appropriate for families or tourists. In medium priced hotels, you usually have the choice of single, double, or triple rooms, with or without bath. Room prices are set and not open to bargaining. Most medium-priced hotels accept cash only, so don't expect to use a credit card. The international hotels will accept credit cards. For the local hotels, it often isn't necessary to make reservations ahead of time. However, when reserving a room in person, make sure to see it first before agreeing to stay. You should also remember to make sure there are mosquito nets available. Television is considered a selling point as are laundry facilities and the inclusion of breakfast as part of the price. Air conditioning is often an option at large hotels.


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