Swahili in Tanzania

The Internet

A person sitting at a computer, wearing a colorful hat

Internet cafes are becoming quite common in Dar es Salaam. They offer e-mail and surfing privileges by the hour. They don't usually serve food or drinks. The total amount of internet bandwidth available for e-mail and web content going into and out of the country is still quite small, so be prepared for slow connections. Also, don't expect to find internet access in smaller towns or rural areas. Many secretarial services will provide e-mail services for a fee as well as fax and copier usage. Most computers are PCs. If you bring a computer with you into the country, carry the receipt with you to prove ownership and be prepared for the possibility that you may have to pay a tax at customs. Computers purchased inside the country are very expensive. Computers from the U.S. will need power conversion equipment. Also, be aware of the need to protect your computer from power surges due to frequent current fluctations and outages.