Swahili in Kenya

Cars and Driving

A person at a car rental counter

In Kenya, many middle and upper income families own at least one car. The majority of people, however, cannot afford to own a car because of cost and maintenance. Many people rely on walking as their chief form of transportation. In the cities much of the population depends upon public transportation to get to work and other places.

International drivers must be prepared for the fact that one drives on the left. Police are vigilant about checking for traffic violations; however, if stopped, one can often negotiate the fine.

Vehicles are easy to rent since there are numerous international car rental agencies in the cities and towns. It is advisable to have an international license. When traveling across the country, a tourist will find gas stations easily, although it is advisable to use common sense and always keep a full tank of gas. Usually attendants pump gas, check oil and water, and even clean the windshield. There is no self-service.