Swahili in Kenya

Taxi Service

A person paying for a taxi

One will only find taxicabs in the cities and in the suburbs. Small towns rarely have taxi service. The variety of taxis in Kenya includes older cabs, square, gray London taxis, and cabs made by Mercedes-Benz. The taxi one chooses will depend simply upon the amount one wants to spend and the destination. Rates will vary, and, as with nearly everything else in Kenya, can be negotiated. It is important to know that a normal cab fare can often be as much as tripled for a tourist if the tourist is not aware of the reasonable rate and is not willing to barter with persistence. Cabs can either be arranged by telephone or found at taxi stands near shopping malls and other central locations. Although the video shows someone hiring a taxi for a long distance trip, people generally don’t hire taxicabs for long distances since it is costly and can pose security problems. Train or bus would be the more common form of long distance transportation.