Swahili in Kenya

Train Transportation

A train station

Trains are used for travel between cities and towns and for travel within Nairobi city. They tend to be old but reliable. Some prefer the train simply as an opportunity to experience the countryside and as a relaxing mode of travel.

One must choose from three classes of travel. The quality of each is dependent upon the cost. In first class, there are roomy seats, and tasty, well-cooked food. Economy class can also be recommended as a plausible option for travel. However, it is not recommended that travelers use third class. If traveling third class, it is best to refrain from eating whatever food may be sold. One can purchase bottled drinks and newspapers at the station, but one is advised to not buy any cooked food that is for sale. One must always be sure to drink bottled or boiled water, both when traveling and at home in Kenya.

Buses are the most common method of travel between the cities and offer both luxury and regular services. Again, the level of comfort will depend on what one pays. The luxury buses are more spacious and comfortable, have curtains on the windows, and tend to run promptly with fewer stops.