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Food Shopping

A fish market

There are two kinds of supermarkets, found in either the malls or the neighborhoods. Supermarkets in the mall can often occupy an entire level with a vast selection of food as well as clothing and household goods. Smaller supermarkets are closer to or in the residential neighborhoods, and sell fresh produce, meat, fish, chicken, canned and frozen foods, fresh bread and household goods. There are also many smaller and conveniently located family-owned shops that sell staples such as milk, eggs and bread.

Once a week in every city and town, there is an open market in each neighborhood. The times vary (one must ask); however, here one can find fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, and sweets as well as less expensive clothing and shoes. In the cities there is usually an indoor fresh market that operates every day in an enclosed area where each vendor sets up a stall to sell fresh meat, fish, produce and flowers. This is known as “mercado” and is considered the most beautiful of the markets.