Spanish in Spain


Main theater in Valladolid

In Spain, much of life happens in the street. Simply taking a walk can be considered a form of recreation, and there are particular streets where young people like to convene.

In the cities, a variety of clubs accommodates the musical tastes of several generations. For a slightly older crowd, there are jazz clubs and upscale bars designed for comfortable drinking and socializing. For those under the drinking age, some of the discos have a form of happy hour that runs until 8:00 p.m. where underage teens can hang out and dance without being served alcohol. For young adults, there are discos and pubs for drinking and dancing, each specializing in a genre of music that includes disco, salsa or even heavy metal.

Multi-screen cinemas in the malls carry American, European and Spanish films. There are also small, single-screen theatres that show independent art films from Europe, Asia and the United States. By far, soccer is the favorite sport for both playing and watching. Tennis, jogging, bicycling and swimming are other ways of relaxing and staying fit.

Throughout the year, different regions celebrate many feast days and festivals. During these festival times, ranging in length from one day to two weeks, the streets fill up with performances by flamenco dancers, singers, guitarists and other performers in traditional costume. During these celebrations, there are large stalls set up to sell food and provide a place for people to dance.