Spanish in Nicaragua

Cars and Driving

A car rental place

When driving in Managua, a driver must look out for potholes and take extra care when driving on cobbled streets. One must also pay particular attention at intersections since they are crowded, and there can be children running in the street. It is not uncommon for vendors and even thieves to beset a car when it is stopped for a light. If one chooses to buy from a vendor make the transaction quickly.

Many boulevards, main streets and avenues are clearly marked. However, in the neighborhoods, streets are rarely marked with signs, so when taking directions it is essential to have a clear sense of the landmarks indicated.
Colonial cities of Granada and Leon are easier to navigate by car. Streets are wider and marked. There are more sidewalks, and the intersections are calmer. In general, these cities are less populated and thus easier both to drive and travel by foot.

Since relatively few people in Nicaragua own cars, parking is not a problem. The newer malls offer parking garages, and at the university, large parking lots are provided. The markets also have ample lots, although at the Mercado Oriental in Managua, it is best to leave one’s car at a paid, supervised lot. One must always leave a car locked and empty of all valuables.