Spanish in Ecuador

At the Airport

An airport

The international airport is located in the center of the capital city of Quito. The fact that the airport is in the center of a city surrounded by mountains has, over time, created a number of dangerous accidents upon take off and landing. Another airport is currently under construction, situated about an hour’s drive from the city. However, renovations have been done to the existing airport to assure an increase in safety and security until completion of the new airport.

In recent years, many citizens of Ecuador have moved out of the country. In the course of these departures, the airport had become a scene of massive family farewells which actually started to impede airport operations. For a time, the airport enforced a rule that only those traveling could enter the premises. Now, there is a special room where family and friends can stay before the traveler proceeds through the rest of the airport.

One can find the usual airport amenities such as money changing bureaus, souvenir shops and fast food restaurants. It is important to know that traveler must pay an airport tax of $25.00 in cash before leaving the country.