Spanish in Ecuador


A movie theater sign

Cinema is a popular way of passing the time in Ecuador. Moviegoers have the option of large chain cinemas found in the malls or independently owned cinemas that show art films.

Coffee bars are a part of everyday life in Ecuador. These are small bars where it is common to go after a meal for either plain coffee, coffee with a shot of liqueur, or an alcoholic drink of some sort. One can also order a sandwich or a small snack.

Cities offer a wide array of clubs that play alternative, techno, or a combination of music and smaller discos that play salsa and merengue. The smaller clubs tend to be less expensive, requiring only a small cover charge which includes a drink. No drinking age is observed in Ecuador. Clubs open between 9:00-10:00 p.m.. Recently a law was passed that clubs must close at 2:00 a.m., however, some clubs still manage to stay open until 5:00 a.m. Visitors should not be out after dark unless accompanied by a local resident who knows the area very well. Also, never leave a drink unattended in a bar or club, because such drinks are occasionally drugged to facilitate a robbery.

The national orchestra is very popular and performs frequently. Ecuador also has a lively and popular theatre world, with plays frequently performed both by students and independent theater troupes.

Soccer is by far the favorite sport, both to watch and play. Generally, the stadiums are found in the center of the city, and on the day of the game, city life nearly comes to a halt. In general, athleticism is valued in Ecuador, and it is not uncommon to find portions of the city frequently cordoned off for marathons. The other two favorite sports are basketball and tennis.