Spanish in Argentina

Asking for Directions

Street signs painted on buildings

It is always acceptable to ask a stranger for directions, but be selective in choosing the stranger and use a formal pronoun of address. One can also ask directions at newsstands, gas stations, shops, bars or coffee shops.

Streets tend to be well-marked with signs; the range of numbers on any given street is included on the street sign. Cities are arranged in quarters or neighborhoods that have names; when getting an address, be sure to include the name of the neighborhood. There are tourist information centers near any of the major attractions where flyers and maps are available. Maps are available for purchase in bookstores.

In rural areas, it is easy to get from one place to another since there is usually only one route. This is generally true of long distance travel between cities as well; there are usually only one or two available routes. Outside the cities, signs are only in Spanish.