Slovak in Slovakia

Cars and Driving

A car

In general, the average income family with two adults owns one car. One can get a driver’s license at age 18. The speed limit in a town is 50 km/hr; between cities, it is 90 km/hr; on the highways, 130 km/hr. Instead of highway tolls, there are highway labels that serve as permits for different time periods. These can be bought at gas stations and must be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the front window. The least expensive label is good for ten days. Driving laws are essentially the same as in the United States with a few exceptions. One cannot turn right on red, but must wait either for the green light or a green arrow. One must also give the right of way to vehicles going straight and to vehicles turning right.

Most gas stations have attendants. Gas is measured per liter (about one quart). Most new cars used in Slovakia today take unleaded fuel only. Every rental car – most likely a Slovak-made Skoda or a Volkswagen – has a "gas directions" label on the inside of the gas flap. Car rental fees include large insurance costs because of a high rate of car theft in Slovakia. Luckily, one can get virtually anywhere in Slovakia by trains and buses.

"Main Road" sign (yellow diamond with white borders) informs drivers that they have the right of way.


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