Slovak in Slovakia


A police sign

The emergency number for the police is 158; for the ambulance, 155, and for the fire department, 150. These numbers are posted in telephone booths and phone books.

Slovakia is a reasonably safe country; however, one should use common-sense precautions, such as not walking alone in the dark and avoiding music clubs that don’t have an efficient exit system. Perhaps the most widespread crime in the country is car theft, including tire theft. Another common crime is pick-pocketing, especially in crowded city transportation vehicles. It is advisable to always lock one’s car, to install anti-theft systems, to not leave valuables in a car, to park a car in a guarded parking place whenever possible, to keep an eye on one’s bags and backpacks in crowded places, and to avoid walking alone after dark.

Slovak hospitals and emergency rooms are all public. Health care in Slovakia, even though it is sometimes inefficient, is state-subsidized and affordable for every working person. Since doctors are severely underpaid, it is common to give them monetary gifts as an expression of thanks when staying in a hospital. In contrast, dental care is both public and private, with private care being considerably better.