Slovak in Slovakia

Eating Out

Two people eating dinner together

Eating out is not a habit in Slovakia but rather is mostly reserved for special occasions. International restaurants are few but growing in number. One can find Italian, Indian, and Chinese places in addition to Slovak-owned restaurants.

Koliba's are restaurants that serve traditional Slovak foods, such as bryndzove halusky . Vinarens , or wine pubs, are places to go for a glass of wine, whereas krcma's serve all kinds of alcoholic beverages and food as well. Kaviarens , or cafés , serve desserts in addition to drinks; cukraren's , or sweet-shops, serve a greater variety of desserts, ice-cream, as well as coffee and tea, but no alcohol. Bars serve mostly alcoholic and soft drinks and provide a social atmosphere, especially in the evenings. The drinking age is 18, but carding is not a custom. There is no set percentage for tipping in restaurants; tipping ranges between 5-10 %. Credit cards are accepted in some restaurants. It is not considered polite to ask to take leftovers home.