Slovak in Slovakia


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Outdoor sports are considered a crucial family and social activity for Slovaks of all ages. Slovakia’s geography offers beautiful settings for such activities as hiking, white-water canoeing, rock-climbing, biking, windsurfing, or skiing. Besides sports, Slovakian theater, cinema, and dance performances attract a wide range of audiences. In particular, Slovak theater is of exceptionally good quality; its productions have won many international festivals. Bratislava is the hub of cultural life, offering theatrical productions that include opera, musical and dramatic theater, pantomime and puppet shows. In addition, many international film and theater festivals and exhibits take place in Bratislava. The national theaters (though not the independent ones) are closed in the summer; however, summer is when international artists come to Bratislava to perform, often in elegant open-air locations in the historical center.

Night life in Bratislava flourishes in the many nightclubs that span from jazz and hip hop to drum and bass. To go to a club, one must be over 18 and have an ID.