Slovak in Slovakia

Cultural Traditions

People dancing

Slovakia is historically a predominantly Catholic country. Protestantism and Judaism are also strong. Religion is practiced more in small towns than in the capital city; however, the churches in Bratislava are always full on Christian holidays.

Slovak folk art played a crucial role in keeping Slovak identity alive during centuries of Hungarian and Austrian cultural colonization. It includes a rich oral tradition of songs, fairy tales, legends, proverbs, and jokes. There are also traditions of music, dance, embroidered and crocheted dress design, glazed pottery, and woodcraft. All forms of folk art are being preserved by professional and amateur artists. The second video on this page shows the rehearsal and performance of a children's folk dance and music ensemble, Cecinka , wearing traditional costumes typical of north-western Slovakia. The last video shows a third-year music school student playing cymbal, a traditional string instrument. Other traditional Slovak musical instruments are the violin, pipes, accordion and bass.


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