Romanian in Romania

Driving a Car

A white car

For the most part, Romania uses mostly international road signs. City signs on the side of the road are blue and street signs are white. The traffic lights are usually on the right side of the road and are sometimes suspended above the road.

Gas comes in diesel, unleaded, leaded and can be self-serve. If it is self-serve you can request help from inside the store. After pumping the gas, pay inside the store or pay the attendant directly. While there you can also pay for a car wash after choosing the type of wash you want. There are also places to vacuum the inside of the car, clean the floor mats, and check the tire pressure.

In some cities, advance parking permits are for sale from newspaper stands or gas stations. The parking pass (valid for the number of hours purchased) must be displayed inside the car on the driver's side of the windshield.

Pedestrians must use crosswalks. If there are no traffic lights, pedestrians must carefully step out onto the crosswalk indicating that s/he wants to cross. Traffic should give the pedestrian the right of way; however, it is essential to be cautious and not expect traffic to automatically stop.


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