Portuguese in Brazil

Household Goods

A small outdoor newsstand selling snacks, cigarettes, and other miscellaneous items

Many stores and malls are easily accessible for the purchase of clothing, electronics, household goods and most other amenities. Bookstores and newsstands are situated in all malls and throughout the city as well. In both cities and towns, outdoor vendors set up in central locations and offer a selection of souvenirs, hand- and factory-made clothing, food, and other miscellaneous items. Vendors often walk the beaches selling sarongs, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and snacks. There are also stands at the beach that sell soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. In the parks, vendors sell souvenirs and food. Street vendors tend to double or triple their prices when selling to a tourist; thus, it is always wise to barter.

In most Brazilian cities and towns, there is a weekly arts and crafts fair, often held on Sunday. Local artists and artisans display and sell paintings, drawings, pottery, woven goods and jewelry. There is often live music, and always food for sale. Sometimes held on closed-off streets, these fairs are regarded as social events enjoyed as much by Brazilians as tourists.