Portuguese in Brazil


A person talking to a hotel employee at the front desk

Lodging in Brazil features a wide range of grand hotels, charming bed and breakfasts, youth hostels and campgrounds. The "pousada" is the equivalent of a large bed and breakfast, complete with bed, refrigerator, small bathroom, shower, phone, TV, and parking. Ideal lodgings for families, they are most frequently found by the beach but also sometimes in cities. Breakfast is included, and there is a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. Credit cards are usually accepted; however, one is advised to check ahead of time. At youth hostels, a student ID is required for a discount, and visitors should remember to always lock luggage with documents inside. There are many campgrounds where one can simply arrive with a tent, pay a fee, and enter. In high season (June, July, December, January and February), reservations are recommended.



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