Portuguese in Brazil

Banks and Money

A travel agency

As in many countries, the bank is a highly secure operation. When actually entering the bank, one must pass belongings through a window before going through a separate entrance. Once inside the bank, you will get your belongings back. As a courtesy, outside the bank there is a phone for customers with questions.

Money can be exchanged in banks, at exchange bureaus, or at travel agencies. Exchange bureaus charge little or no commission for exchanging money. The rate of exchange varies daily and is reported in the newspapers and on TV news. The selling price generally differs from the buying price. Travelers can exchange traveler's checks in a bank.

ATMs are located in banks, supermarkets and malls, as well as in separate kiosks. They dispense cash if the user has the appropriate bankcard. After a certain hour of night, ATMs will only dispense limited amounts in an attempt to protect customers from robbery. Since credit cards are generally accepted in most shopping situations, it is not necessary to carry large amounts of cash.