Portuguese in Angola


People at an airport counter

The Fourth of February airport in Luanda is an international airport set next to the Fifth of February, an airport used primarily for national flights.

The airports each offer the usual amenities of banks, restaurants, duty-free shops, and places to change money. Announcements are made in Portuguese, English, French and sometimes Spanish. At the information booths, Portuguese and English are spoken.

Since the road to the airport tends to be highly traveled, it is best to leave plenty of time to get there. Buses do not run to the airport. Candonguieros will stop several blocks from the airport, which is not helpful to those with much luggage. Most travelers ask either a friend or family member to drive them, or they take a taxi.

When arriving at the airport, one finds many young boys outside of the airport willing to help with luggage for a small fee. Most are honest, but it is wise to be highly vigilant with one's suitcases and other possessions.