Portuguese in Angola


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There are a number of different club scenes in Angolan cities. There are the clubs for those under the age of twenty-five and clubs for those from their mid-twenties to mid-forties. Teenagers start going to the clubs as early as the age of fifteen if their parents permit. There is no legal drinking age in Angola. Club music features a range of pop music from all over Africa. Kisamba and zouk and samba rhythms figure highly as well as techno, hip-hop and drum and bass.

For those who live on the coast, the beach is a large part of Angolan life. Prime beach-going time is between October and May. The waters are considered dangerous for the month of December and part of the month of January. This is due, in part, to the prevalence of tidal waves during that season. Nonetheless that is the season of the Mermaid Celebration. It is believed that during this time, if people irritate the Mermaid by swimming in her waters, she may decide to "take" them.

Although going to see movies at the theatre used to be a favorite pastime in Angola, the loud talking of teenagers eventually forced most of the movie houses to close. There are video clubs where Angolans can rent European and American videos.