Portuguese in Angola

Eating Out

A plate of food

Angola has a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from very expensive to quite inexpensive. It is important to know that there is an unspoken dress code for the fancy restaurants. It is always appreciated when travelers comply.

There are numerous traditional Angolan restaurants, housed in lovely thatched buildings in the coastal cities. One can enjoy seafood, shellfish, meat and traditional casava patties served with sauce. The cities are full of restaurants that serve all kinds of food: hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, seafood, and traditional Angolan specialties such as steak, rice and fries. One can also find small outdoor restaurants that serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and salty turnovers. It is best to ask an Angolan friend to recommend the especially popular places.

International restaurants in Angola are mostly Chinese with a few Japanese. There are also pizza restaurants that serve a variety of other Italian dishes. Barbecue places tend to be run by Lebanese and include many beautiful Lebanese dishes on the menu but are not specifically advertised as international restaurants.