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A bus

Several types and prices of buses make bus transportation easily accessible to everyone. Some types of bus go anywhere anyone could want to go. There is no central station for all buses; each line has its own. Generally a bus with seats costs more and stops less frequently than a standing-room bus. Seat buses are semi-express buses and run about every 20 minutes. The standing-room buses arrive and depart at a steady pace. One's choice of bus depends not so much on whether one wishes to sit or stand but on the route one needs to follow.

There are also varied ways to pay for the ride. One may pay cash (in change) on the bus. One may also purchase tokens or a bus card. The change/token box and the bus card box (where one passes the bus card, which is scanned) are both located at the front of the bus. Bus cards may be re-charged at the bus stop. Inside the in-town buses, passengers will find maps posted indicating the stops along the bus route.

Some buses have only one door, but if the bus has two, it is customary to enter through the front and exit from the rear.


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