Korean in South Korea



Taxi travel is cheap and common in Korea. There are two types of taxi. The first type is the standard cab which takes passengers near their destinations (not, for example, to a specific house on a particular block, but close to the address). The other type is the all black taxi which is more expensive and has a higher starting fee, but is more efficient because it takes passengers to the exact destination. Neither taxi charges extra for luggage or for more than one person. One can hail a taxi or find one at a taxi stand; telephoning for a taxi is not a common practice.

During the day, taxis run on meters, but at night one can bargain with the driver. If a passenger is going far outside of a town, s/he may have to pay a fee that will include the driver's round trip. Travelers should note that it is still legal for a taxi driver to pick up additional fares on the way to a destination, so be aware that other people may be entering the taxi. When hailing a taxi, the potential passenger should call out the desired destination before getting in the taxi, because the driver may decline the fare if it isn't in the general direction of the destination of the passenger already in the cab.