Korean in South Korea

Food Shopping

A woman scooping up food in a market

The wide variety of markets in Korea include everything from random farmers selling their wares on the streets to small open markets to small stores to large supermarkets. Except for pharmaceuticals like aspirin, everything is available at the markets from food to detergent to plastic wrap. Koreans are environmentally conscious, so if one does not bring one's own bag, one should be prepared to pay for plastic bags. In most places, a customer may handle the merchandise, and at the larger supermarkets may even pay with a credit card. There will be a number of stores within walking distance of a person's home, but if the order is large, it is possible to call it in and have it delivered. Markets are open 7 days a week.


  • "At a Small Market"
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  • "At the Supermarket"
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  • "Buying Special Foods for Gifts"
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