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A small police station

In case of emergency call the appropriate emergency service number:

Police: 110
Ambulance and Fire Department: 119

The way to get help during an emergency such as an accident, robbery, or fire is to call the police. Even if the emergency is, for example, a fire, the police dispatcher will transfer the caller to the appropriate department. Public phones list the numbers of ambulance, police and fire departments next to clear pictorial signs. These departments can be reached free of charge by lifting the receiver and then pressing the button next to the appropriate picture. For less urgent medical emergencies, the local hospital is very helpful but they may close early in the evening so any emergency after that would either have to wait till the next day or be taken care of immediately by calling an ambulance.

For ailments that do not constitute and emergency, over-the-counter medicines such as analgesics or flu medicine can be easily obtained at any pharmacy.


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