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Taking a Taxi

A taxi sign

There are two different types of taxis in Indonesia. Regular taxis have signs on top saying "Taksi." Regular taxi's have meters, but also sometimes operate at set fares for certain trips, or by bargaining for a price. At airport or train stations, for example, always ask the price and be prepared to bargain because the drivers will tend not to turn on their meters. For shorter distances within the city, drivers are more likely to use the meter.

A second type of taxi is the chartered taxi. These taxis look like private cars and do not have taxi signs on their roofs. Charter taxis are more expensive than regular taxis, but are often the preferred mode of travel for business people or others with larger incomes. Charter taxis are licensed. Fares may be by the trip, by the hour, by the day, or even for multiple days if a car and driver are needed for an extended period of time. At the airport and trains stations only regular taxis are allowed to line up at the taxi stand. Chartered taxis will be parked a short distance from the station.

Tips are not always expected, but it is a nice gesture to round the price up a bit or add on a little extra for the driver.



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