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Bus Travel

Buses are the most common form of transportation between cities. For cities that are relatively close together (3-4 hours for example), buses do not have a set schedule, but leave for their destination when the driver decides they have enough passengers. Each destination has a set fare; ask the conductor for the price. The conductor will collect fares while the bus is enroute. There are no tickets. These buses are heavily used, almost always full, and run from very early morning until very late into the night.

For long distances, there are special overnight buses called "bis malam." These buses require reservations and have a set departure time. Make reservations at the bus lines office. The ticket includes meals along the way. The bus drivers often have arrangements with specific restaurants for regular stops. The stops also have restrooms. These rest stops are usually coordinated with the Muslim prayer times and most stops also have a special room for prayer.


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