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Cars and Driving

An attendant at a gas station

Car rentals tend to be very expensive. Rental places are easier to find in tourist areas, but rare in other areas. It is usually easier to charter a car and driver for the period of time transportation is needed. If chartering a car and driver be prepared to provide food and, if applicable, overnight lodging for the driver.

Gas stations always have attendants. The purchaser tells the attendant how many liters to fill and then pays the price for that many liters. Gas stations typically sell many different brands of gasoline.

Most parking is free and not supervised by attendants. In lots or parking areas with attendants, the attendants help the patron park by giving directions to the driver. For most pay parking, the fee is the same no matter how long you park. Except for hotels, it is not recommended to park overnight on the street or in public parking.



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