Indonesian in Indonesia


A hotel front desk

Hotels are not difficult to find. The country has a typical array of international four and five star hotels in the major cities and tourist spots, but local hotels in the one to three star range are also in abundance. Large hotels and major chains will take reservations and accept credit card payment. Persons seeking lodging in smaller hotels will usually just stop at the hotel in person to inquire about vacancies. These smaller hotels may or may not take credit cards. Most hotels will have western-style plumbing and private baths.

A more traditional form of lodging is the "losmen." These traditional inn's operate more like bed and breakfast places. The owner/proprietors usually live on the premises and will interact more informally with guests. Smaller losmen will tend to have shared baths, but larger establishments may have private baths. Many losmen may have traditional Indonesian plumbing and bathing facilities. Rather than tubs or showers, a very large wash basin with faucets is provided. People use their hands to take water from the basin to wash up (don't get into the basin even if it looks large enough!). Traditional toilets are of the flat to the ground variety.

In tourist areas local residents may on occasion rent out their whole house to visitors. Others may offer individual rooms to rent.



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