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Health Problems

A large white sign outside of a hospital

When ill, a traveler can either seek help at an infirmary or a hospital. Infirmaries are scattered throughout the city and deal with lesser injuries. There is a doctor on duty who can give stitches, check for broken bones, and dispense prescriptions. Emergency rooms are for more serious conditions. The hospitals rotate emergency rooms that are open on a daily basis; it is necessary to check the newspaper for information about which hospital is "receiving" on any particular day. The same applies to emergency dental services.

Payment may vary depending on the type of injury, but generally emergency care is free for foreigners. Everyone needs a doctor's prescription to obtain controlled substances.


  • "Where is the Hospital?"
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  • "I Have a Toothache"
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  • "I Don't Feel Well"
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  • "I don't feel well."

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  • "Help!"

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  • Sign for a hospital
  • The top sign means "ambulance(s)"; the bottom sign indicates a "clinic"