Hindi in North India

Traveling by Bus

People at a bus stop

There are bus stops and stands throughout cities, but because of extreme overcrowding, buses will frequently skip stops altogether. People are crammed onto buses and can be seen hanging out of the doors as the bus speeds along. In Delhi, buses are not safe for women traveling alone, but in other parts of the country it may be safer. Check with hosts about the local situation.

One can obtain a bus pass at a terminal or pay in correct change. Most buses will have both a driver and a conductor. Tickets are purchased from the conductor. Conductors can usually make change for small bills. Passengers can request help from the conductor in finding the correct stop.

Buses travelling between cities are equally crowded. Luggage is thrown on top; if it rains, it gets wet; if it falls off, it's lost. There are no assigned seats, so get there early. Schedules are more or less adhered to.


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