Hindi in North India

Food Shopping

A vegetable stand at an outdoor food market

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold in open-air markets. Customers bargain for prices and prices can vary significantly. Quality may also vary from vendor to vendor, and from day to day. To get the freshest produce one must go to the market in the morning since by evening there may not be much to choose from. General stores carry other grocery and toiletry items such a toothpaste but do not sell vegetables or fruits. In the cities, one can find large department stores that sell groceries (other than vegetables and fruits) and many other non-food items. Milk and milk products such as yogurt, paneer, cheese, and butter are normally purchased at local milk booths. People may bring their own milk containers or buy the milk in bottles. Bread is sold in little corner shops that also sell eggs, sweets, candy, softdrinks, and small household items.